searching for God

A couple of years ago, my church had a guest speaker named Bill Prankard. My dad is the pastor of this church, so we were able to spent more time with Mr. Prankard than most people. Mr. Prankard told us a lot of stories from his experiences in Nunavut, where he is a missionary. One of his stories really stuck with me. This one was about a bunch of people living together in the middle of nowhere. Every night, these people would come out of their tents and yell at the sky. They were searching for God. They knew that there was a God out there somewhere, they just didn’t know how to get to Him. Every night, they would say these words to the sky: “We know you’re out there! We just don’t know how to get to you. Send someone to show us!” Eventually, God did. He sent Bill Prankard. When Mr. Prankard arrived and started telling them about God, they told him that they had been waiting for him. This absolutely astonished him. They then told Mr. Prankard what they had been doing and saying every night.

This story is a great example of how so many people are searching for God but just need someone to tell them how to get to Him. We don’t even realize this. I find that a lot of people know that there is more to life than just life itself. You hear a lot of people asking, What’s the purpose of life? The purpose of life is to make God known! We need to be there to answer people’s questions, to teach them more about God. These people are lost. They don’t know what do to. They can find themselves again with God’s help. We need to be a light in this dark world. The teachings of this world has brainwashed so many people of all ages. So many non-Christians think that when we tell them to read the Bible, that we are just giving them a huge rule book. But that’s not true at all! Christianity is not a religion, it is a relationship between us and the most powerful thing in the universe. Religion sets rules. Jesus sets us free. Jesus can set anyone free. But before He can, He needs us to tell people about Him. I don’t understand how people can know about God and the way to Him and still choose against Him. However, that is their choice. We can’t force God onto anyone. That’s not how He intended it. We at least need to let people know about Him. Then they can choose.

“The God I Know” – Love and the Outcome

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